This is a wish list but obviously we are grateful for anything and everything we receive 

Ladybird Class Wish List-

iPad- even a refurbished 2nd hand one!

Alexa dot-

Twin rotating disco ball-

Fisher price fidget cube-

Rocket ship play tent-


Classical music CDs
Space torch-

Mini infinity tunnel-

Projector lamp-

A CD player (wall mounted)
A hand blender
A mixer
LED Aroma Diffuser
Massage creams

David – Saturday Club
3 Piece Devils Knife Set
6 pack chopping / cutting board
Bath Sheets x 8
Adult Bandana Bib / Clothing Protector, 6x size 3 and 6 x size 4 (on Amazon)

6th Form Rainbows
CD player – not wall mounted.
Amazon Eco – Dot
Pillow Cases
V-Pillow Cases
Bath Sheets (xl large)
LED Aroma Diffuser
New CD’s
DVD’s – New Jungle Book, Lion King, Dumbo, Marvell, Aladdin, Secret Life of Pets 2
Story Books –
Survival Blankets
Aromatherapy oils
Massage creams

Braun no touch thermometer BNT400EE – available on Amazon £60.00 up to 5 is needed.
Oxygen saturation monitors – available on Amazon
Stethoscopes – Amazon up to 5 is needed.
Black Biro – good quality eg. BIC pens.

Life Skills Centre
Easy Grip Children’s Scissors (30 mm round blade) x6

Easy grip Contoured Handle Purpose Knife x 5

Virtual Reality Headset x 2

Wireless Bluetooth Head phones x 2

Food mixer / chopper with no stand by button to use with our switches.
Small Stereo – no standby button for switch work.