This is a wish list but obviously we are grateful for anything and everything we receive.

  • Battery operated small radio (for the bathroom)
  • Up to date music (CD)
  • V pillows and cases
  • Waterproof Poncho’s
  • Massage creams
  • Glue sticks / Pens / Different coloured card / Pencils / Paints
  • Fur throw overs
  • Sharp cooking knifes / Plastic plates and glasses / Onion chopper
  • Toiletry bags (boys and girls)
  • Wall / portable stereo
  • TV
  • Saucepans / Kitchen weighing scales / Chopping boards
  • DVD player and speakers for Sunshine Class (PHOENIX DONATION)
  • The cat in the hat and other stories – Audio CD
  • David Walliams CD story collection – Audio CD (PHOENIX DONATION)
  • Roald Dahl Charlie and the chocolate factory +4 more stories collection – Audio CD (PHOENIX DONATION)
  • up to date music CD’s / Classic FM: A night at the movies
  • Draw string bags (p.e bags)